Recent Programs and Keynotes



Developing Mindful Resources and Perspectives: Yoga Service Council Annual Conference at Omega Institute, May 3-5, 2019

The Mindful Hour: Perspectives on Mindfulness and Compassion Weekly Series, at First Unity Church, St. Petersburg, FL September-December 2018

The Power of Mindful Perspective in Healthcare: Recent Research and Applications. Florida Association of Childlife Professionals 26th Annual Conference, July 2018

Compassion, Self-Compassion and Resilience

Power Tools R.E.T.U.R.N. Series. A custom series of 34-videos with day-to-day applications of Compassion, Self-Compassion and Resilience topics created especially for BayCare/Saint Joseoph's Hospitals, 2019

Fostering Greater Self-Compassion to Reduce Exhaustion, Cynicism, Isolation and Stress. Baycare Health Systems 2018 Ethics Conference: Ethical Perspectives: Compassion in the Midst of Chaos

Increasing Resilience and Reducing Burnout: Critical Skills for Healthcare Professionals, Saint Joseph's Hospitals, 2018

Additional Curricula Presented in Healthcare Settings in Tampa, FL, 2018/19:

· Tools for Courageous Perspective and Connection: Cultivating Connection as a Hero’s Journey

· Three Types of Stress and How the Brain Perceives It 

· Choosing a Balanced Focus in Hectic Service and Public Environments

· What Exactly Is Compassion Fatigue, or Is It Empathic Distress?

· Everyday Check-In for Discernment without Judging Others

· Tools for Recovering from Change and Loss: Strengthening Resilience and Deepening Connection with Self and Others

· Self-Compassion and the Crucial Differences with Self-Esteem

· Experiencing Resistance: The Compassionate “No” and Choosing to Close but not Wall Off

· Why Wishing That We Can Be Happy in Our Work is So Important and So Hard

· Cultivating Self-Mentoring vs. Self-Judgment

· Perspectives for Navigating Strong Emotions in Oneself and Others: Surfing the Hidden and Not-So-Hidden Waves of Exhaustion, Devaluation & Stress

· The Importance of Identifying and Tending to Our Personal Core Values

· Cultivating Compassionate Listening Skills

· Strategies for Working with Strong Emotions

· Sustaining Connection with the Public and Holding Paradox: Embracing Grief and Loss as a Pathway to Greater Well-Being

· Breathing Through the Pain of Disconnection and Unmet Needs

· Learning to Savor the Best (and the Worst) that We Encounter

· Personal Strategies for Maintaining a Resilient Self

· A Compassion Primer: Finding Strength and Courage in a Perfect Storm

· What Exactly is Self-Compassion? How Self-Criticism and Self-Esteem Come Up Short