What People are Saying

"The classes had plenty of variety. The meditations were well spaced. There were opportunities to explore individual concerns. I find that I now practice compassion with intention during the day when I'm out in public."

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class on compassion. I am using the skills in my everyday life, and reaping the benefits of being compassionate to others as well as to myself. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tools for living.” 

"I've found compassion is like water to the fire of even deep-rooted anger, often. A great tool."

"Brett exudes kindness, loving presence, patience, and compassionate care for humanity. As a seeker and a searcher for truth, he is able to invite other seekers to also find truth."

"For our science oriented (conference attendees), your talk was profound to them. It helped affirm the chaos around them and how their reactions really matter."

"I noticed by the end (of the CCT program) I was less head focused, and more heart centered and present."

"I felt that I became more self-aware of my actions/feelings/thoughts and was able to start to apply self-compassion. Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend this class!" 

"My meditation practice was enhanced and evolved because of this course."

"We're so glad you've brought this work to Tampa Bay, and look forward to more collaborations."

"Brett's voice is amazing. The perfect intonation of kindness, calm, compassion and soothing."

"I am able to be more compassionate to people around me in all different environments, and a lot of daily situations have become 'teaching' environments for me where I can practice compassion and learn through them."